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ENGL 3933: Shakespeare: Home

This guide will cover the OSU Library resources to help you in English 3933 taught by Dr. Andrew Wadoski.

Library Introduction for English 3933: Shakespeare



New Globe Theatre, Bankside, Southwark, London


This guide will cover the OSU Library resources (electronic and print) to help you in English 3933 taught by Dr. Andrew Wadoski.  It will cover research material on Shakespeare, the printing history of his plays, his language, and secondary criticism on Shakespeare in reference books/e-books, books, and journal articles.

Use the tabs above to view different pages with information to help you with some of the specific coursea assignments.  The top tier of tabs deals with the history of printing and the Early English Books Online (EEBO) database with digital images of books published in England from 1473 to 1700; the Dictionary of National Biography (DNB), Dictionary of Literary Biography (DLB), and other databases for biographical information on historical figures associated with the publishing of Shakespeare's plays;and  the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) database for tracing the history of words including their earliest usage in literary and other types of texts.  The other tabs cover resources for finding secondary criticism on Shakespeare and the Renaissance for your research papers.  Finally, the last tab covers the MLA Style for citing sources in papers for literature classes.

My contact information is to the right.  Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions during the semester, or questions related to general library services. 

With all library projects and papers, remember to start early and leave enough time:  "Better three hours too soon than a minute too late" (The Merry Wives of Windsor, II.ii).

For videos of the BBC Royal Shakespeare Company productions of Shakespeare's Plays, go to

Ambrose Video

Search by the title of the play to retrieve the video.