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Helen Clements: Profile

Professional Information

Faculty Rank

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Textiles and textile history; artisans and their production; social change; Mexico; community and regional development; families in history; information literacy; librarians and their professional development; traditional and early music


Ph.D., Cultural Anthropology, University of Texas, Austin

M.A., Cultural Anthropology, Texas Tech University

M.S., Library Science, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

B.A., English, Oklahoma State University

Professional Service

  • Association of College and Research Libraries
    • Anthropology and Sociology Section (2007-)
  • Oklahoma Library Association (2001-)
    • Chair, University and College Division (2014-2015)
    • Tribal Libraries Committee (2008-)
  • Women's Faculty Council, Oklahoma State University (2001-)

Selected Publications & Presentations

Papers and Chapters

Clements, H. P. (2004, October 22). Adding another layer to information literacy: Using Blackboard to enhance a one-credit library class. In Baudino, F., Mardis, L., Park, S. G., & Ury, C. J., Eds. Brick and Click Libraries: Proceedings of an Academic Library Symposium. Maryville, Missouri. Retrieved from ERIC (ED 489937)

Clements, H. P. (1990). La historia de una comunidad artesana: Santo Tomás Jalieza, 1857-1940. In Lecturas históricas del estado de Oaxaca, María de los Ángeles Romero Frizzi, comp., Vol. 4, 1887-1930, (453-384). Ciudad México: Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia y Gobierno del Estado de Oaxaca.

Clements, H. P. (1988)  Mujeres, trabajo y cambio social: El caso de dos comunidades oaxaqueñas”.  In Las mujeres en el campo: Memoria de la Primera reunión nacional de investigación sobre mujeres campesinas en México, J. Aranda Bezaury, Comp.,  (245-258).  Oaxaca de Juárez: Instituto de Investigaciones  Sociológicas de la Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca.

Miller, B., &  Clements H. P. (2006, November 3). Government information, knowledge management, and resources for library instruction to the Millennial Generation. In Baudino, F., Ury, C. J., & Park, S. G., Eds. Brick and Click Libraries Proceedings of an Academic Library Symposium (6th, Maryville, Missouri, November 3, 2006, pp. 51-57. Retrieved from ERIC (ED 493910)

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Clements, H. P.(In press). American Indian History and Culture [Review of electronic collection from Adam Matthew/Sage Publishing]. Accepted for publication in Reference Reviews.


Clements, H. P. (2006, March 30). Women’s work: Oklahoma women and clothing production, 1890-statehood. Paper presented at the Oklahoma Library Association Annual Conference, University and College Paper Session.

Clements, H. P. (1999, March 11). Tradition and innovation as social roles:  weaving in Oaxaca, 1870s.  Paper presented at the meeting of the Southwest Council of Latin American Studies (SCOLAS), San Antonio, Texas.

Clements, H .P. (1996, March 9). Handweavers becoming textile workers? The case of Oaxaca in the Porfiriato. Paper presented at the meeting of the Southwest Council of Latin American Studies (SCOLAS), Oaxaca, México.

Selected Publications & Presentations