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Laptop FAQ: Home

General Information

Where can I get a laptop?

  • Laptops can be borrowed at the first floor Circulation Desk in the Edmon Low Library. Please bring your OSU ID.
  • You will need to fill out a Statement of Responsibility to check out laptops.

What kind of devices are available?

  • 150 Dell laptops
  • 50 Microsoft Surfaces
  • 30 Macbook Pro’s
  • 30 Macbook Air’s
  • Chargers and peripherals for all of the above

How long can I borrow a laptop?

  • The checkout period is 5 hours.

Can I renew a laptop?

  • Yes*, for an additional 5 hours.  Call 744-6812 to renew by phone or renew in person.
  • *If we are on a waiting list for laptops you will not be allowed to renew and you must return your device to the circulation desk.

Are there fines?

When I'm finished with the laptop, can I just put it on the Circulation Desk and leave?

  • Absolutely not.  You are responsible for returning your items directly to a library staff member and ensuring that they are checked back in properly. 
  • You must wait in line to return a laptop, otherwise you will accrue an “Abandoned” strike on your record. 
  • Repeat offenders will be banned from laptop checkout for the remainder of the year.

Can I print out my work?

  • Yes, there are printers for the laptops opposite the laptop circulation desk on the first floor.

Why does it take so long to check a laptop out or in?

  • When the Circulation staff checks a laptop out to you, they record information that is important for solving problems and identifying correct fines. However, it generally takes less than a minute to check out a laptop.
  • When the laptop is returned, the staff does a quick check for damage or missing pieces.  It is important to us that every user gets a laptop in good working order, and that if a user is charged for damage or loss, it is the correct user!  You can shorten the check-in time if you shut down the device and wrap up any cables you may have checked out.

Will I be able to install my own software?

  • Yes, you can install software, but only on the Dell Laptops and it will be deleted when the laptop is turned off.

Can I take the Laptop out of the Library?

  • Yes, the laptops can be taken out of the library and will connect to the Wi-Fi everywhere on campus.

How do I access my H:\ drive?

What do I do if the battery runs low?

  • If your battery runs low, save your work to an external drive (not the hard drive!!), bring the laptop to the Circulation Desk on first floor and we can check out a power cord for your specific device.
  • If you know you are going to be working for several hours, you might consider checking out a power cord at the time you borrow the laptop. If you plug the laptop into the wall, you won't have to worry about a dying battery.