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Creating Websites in WordPress: Home

This guide is intended to aid students in creating WordPress sites for a class project.

Quick tips for Good Website Design

  1. Don’t make users think
  2. Don’t squander users’ patience
  3. Manage to focus users’ attention
  4. Strive for feature exposure
  5. Make use of effective writing
  6. Strive for simplicity
  7. Don’t be afraid of whitespace
  8. Communicate effectively with a “visible language”
  9. Conventions are our friends
  10. Test early and test often

Using WordPress as a Content Management System

Some things to remember about WordPress:


Tips for successfully using WordPres

  • Choose a responsive theme (lets your pages change size to fit the screen)
  • Plan out the information you want to display (a storyboard or outline will work well)
  • Always think of your users
    • File sizes and types may be hard for some users to access
    • Don't ignore accessibility,
      • Remember “Alt”
      • Don’t use small fonts (Don’t force visitors to enlarge your text every time they visit your site)
      • Choose the best letter and line spacing
      • Avoid fancy fonts (no italics, sans serif is easier to read)
      • Avoid poor color contrasts

Working with HTML (and more)