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Our Vision

Research & Learning Services Librarians will be agents for positive change who choose to make a difference in our communities (campus, local, state, global, and professional) through:

  • The facilitation of knowledge creation and sharing of innovative scholarship
  • The creation and maintenance of culturally sustaining teaching, spaces, services, and resources
  • The encouragement and empowerment of our community members to critically question and engage with information structures, systems, and sources that inhibit justice and equity
  • Engaging pedagogy that fosters the growth of discerning and ethical consumers and creators of information


Our Values

  • Information Access

    • In pursuance of the land-grant mission of the University, we support, encourage, and enable the open sharing of scholarly information with the general public and the larger scholarly community, while supporting intellectual property rights and academic freedom.

  • Collaboration and Community Building

    • We foster and lead interdisciplinary projects and lines of inquiry that bring together scholars, students, and community members and work to build partnerships across departmental and college lines.

  • Justice, Equity, and Inclusion

    • We work to challenge systems that inhibit the growth and potential of our community members, especially students and populations who may be more vulnerable than others. We center the needs and voices of our community members and work to support them as whole persons, not just focusing on their information needs.

  • Accountability and Sustainability

    • We strive to be open and transparent in our actions and to follow through on the commitments we make to our community. To do this, we must emphasize the importance of making decisions based on what is sustainable and healthy for our community, our employees, our resources, and our goals.

  • The Intellectual Growth of the Community

    • We are committed to building a community that creates and shares knowledge and critically engages with the greater information environment in order to improve society.

  • Privacy

    • We respect the privacy of the individual and work to communicate both how we retain and use their information and how our community members can be more aware of and empowered to address privacy issues in their daily lives.