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Adam Stroud, Ph.D.: Profile

Program Development and Service

The 18th International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement Annual Conference Reviewer - 2018

St. Monica's School of Basic Learning for Women Science Specialist - The University of Oklahoma 2016-2018

Elementary Science Methods Course/Curriculum Developer - The University of Oklahoma 2016

Executive Board of the Diversity Committee - The University of Oklahoma 2015-2016


Selected Publications & Presentations


Stroud, W. A., Baines, L. A. (2019) Inquiry, investigative processes, art, and writing in STEAM. In M. S. Khine, S. Areepattamannil, M. Melkonian (Eds.), STEAM education: Theory, research, and practice.

Stroud, W. A. (2018) Ready, Set, FLOW! Creating an Aquaponics system in the 5th-grade classroom. Science and Children. March 2018, Vol.55 No. 7

Stroud, W.A., Kershen, J., Raymond, K., Williams, L., Beach, S. (2017) Transformative Peacebuilding Efforts in Northern Uganda: The Development of St. Monica’s School of Basic Learning for Women. International Journal for Cross-Disciplinary Subjects in Education. Issue 4 Vol 8         


Stroud, W. A., Johnson, S. E. (2018) No More Secrets: Assessment Strategies in High Occupancy Classrooms. Lilly Conference: College and University Teaching and Learning.  Asheville, North Carolina

Stroud, W. A., Johnson, S. E. (2018) Are We Being Rigorous or Lazy? Renegotiating Assessment Strategies in Higher Education. Critical Questions in Education Symposium. Portland, Oregon.

Stroud, W. A. (2017) Navigating Spaces of Ambiguity: Elementary Science Teacher Preparation Programs. Critical Questions in Education Symposium. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Stroud, W.A. (2017) Experiential Learning for Women Abductees of Northern Uganda. Canada International Conference on Education. Toronto, Canada.

Stroud, W. A. (2016) Situated learning in religious settings. Religious Education Association. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Baines, L. A., Stroud, W. A., Guo, S. (2016) Abolishing the public good. Academic Questions in Education. Salt Lake City, Utah.

Stroud, W. A. (2017) Phenomenological Research Techniques.  EIPT 6043 Introduction to Research. The University of Oklahoma.  Norman, OK

Williams, L. A., Raymond, K. M., Stroud, W.A.,  (2017) Developing Adult Education Programs in Northern Uganda. Decolonizing Education Symposium. Norman, OK

Stroud, W.A., (2016) St. Monica’s School for Women. Council of Associate Deans. Norman, OK

Stroud, W.A., (2016) St. Monica’s School for Women. Food for Thought. Norman, OK.