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Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership: Home

This guide covers search tools for research in topics related to Agricultural Education, Communications, and Leadership

Need Resources for Agricultural Communications, Leadership, and Education?

Below is a list of databases that you can use to search for resources such as journal articles, books, dissertations, etc.  Choose the database that best matches the subject you need. 

Want a list of additional journals?

Follow these steps to find journals that publish in your subject. 
1. Click the "Journal Search" link above. 
2. Select "Subject Area" from the dropdown menu located near the top left of the screen. 
3. Type your subject into the "Enter Subject Area" line or browse available options.
3. Select the subject or subjects that best match your needs and click the blue button that says "Apply"
3. You will then be given a list of journal titles that you can arrange by CiteScore, rank (quartile), and source type on the left hand side of the page.

Need Off Campus Access?

As an OSU student you have access to paid resources such as journal articles.  To access these resources off-campus, you will need to login.  Click on the above link titled "Off-Campus Login".  Enter in your email and password.  You will then have access to all paid resources.