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New Library Ambassador Student Employee Guide: Home

New Student Employee Guide





Welcome to your new job at the OSU Library!



Payday is every TWO WEEKS on Friday.

READ YOUR PAYROLL ADVICE.  It arrives via campus e-mail with the gross and net pay amounts, banking or distribution information, rate and hours worked.

If there are discrepancies in your pay or you don't receive a Payroll Advice, contact the Dean's Office for help.

Annual raises are dependent on performance and funding.

Evaluations are conducted formally by your supervisor once a year.  You will receive informal evaluations throughout the year in the form of instruction, feedback, etc.



Scholarships, awards, leadership opportunities and internships are all available for Library employees.

Work schedules are set by your supervisor each semester to accommodate your classes.

Learn valuable job skills and how to provide excellent customer service.

Develop top-notch Library skills and improve your grades.



The following behavior is expected of Library Student Ambassadors:

CONDUCT:  Your conduct is constantly being evaluated by outsiders.  Keep conversations professional and on topic while on the clock.  Keep your focus on our visitors and the job at hand, not on your cell phone or other distractions.  Represent the Library Ambassador Student Program with the utmost honor.

SHIFT COVERAGE:  Report any changes to the sign-up sheet as soon as possible.  Text messages, emails or phone calls are acceptable ways to report a missed or changed shift.  If you are unable to work your shift it is your responsibility to find a fellow Ambassadors replacement.

SOCIAL MEDIA:  Posts on social media should never compromise your integrity as a Library Student Ambassador.  Practice using Facebook and other forms of social media intelligently.

RESPECT:  Treat all co-workers and visitors with respect!  Promote teamwork among fellow Ambassadors and a positive work environment.

COOPERATION:  Participate in scheduled meetings, arrive at events on time, answer emails/texts in a timely manner, provide feedback on ways to improve Library resources and services, and maintain a positive approach to all assigned tasks.



Ambassador polo-shirt (provided thanks to the Friends of the OSU Library), black dress pants or black skirts and black or orange closed-toe shoes are the preferred attire when participating in Library tours and browse sessions.  Business attire may be required when attending board meetings or professional dinners.  You will be notified in advance when business attire is required.

DOS:  Ensure clothes are clean and pressed.  Make certain hair is neatly groomed.  Skirts should hit just above the knee or longer.

DON'TS:  Torn or stained clothing.  Backless or midriff baring tops.  Miniskirts.  Shorts.  Leggings worn as pants.  Shower-shoes or flip flops.

EXCEPTIONS:  Manual work days.  You will be notified in advance and may dress accordingly.  During extreme weather, employees may dress accordingly.



  • Attend meetings and work 30 to 50 hours per semester (meetings included).
  • Participate in admissions browse sessions, welcome new and prospective students to campus, and promote Library services and resources.
  • Take part in promotional and instructional videos and photo shoots.
  • Work closely with Library Communication Services and Undergraduate/Graduate Services to promote Library spaces and resources.
  • Support the development and implementation of various events and programs, including Welcome Week Tours, Library House Party, Friends Dinner, Science Cafe and Noon Concert Series.
  • Provide Library administrators up-to-the-minute feedback from fellow-students regarding ways to improve and develop new services, spaces and resources.



While the Edmon Low Library building has only been here since 1953, OSU has had a library since the institution began.  For several years the Library collection was housed in various homes and offices of the University faculty.  It wasn't until 1894 that the Library found its first official home in Old Central.

Seven years later, Williams Hall was completed, and the Library moved to a room on the first floor.  Williams Hall was one of the first structures on campus to have electricity allowing students to easily study in the evening.

In 1921, the first building devoted solely to the Library was completed.  It was simply called the Library Building and was located south of what is now Gundersen Hall.  President Henry G. Bennett came to campus in 1928 and developed a 25 Year Plan for campus development.  The plan called for the campus to center around a new Library.  Bennett worked closely with the Library Director Edmon Low touring other university libraries and reviewing plans for the new building as it developed.  It is even rumored that they were moving makers in the middle of the night before the ground breaking in 1950.

In 1953, the Edmon Low Library, with its elegant Georgian style, opened and quickly became a focal point for campus pride.  Today, under the guidance of Dean of Libraries Sheila Grant Johnson, the OSU Library has built a reputation for embracing new technology while maintaining a foundation of quality service.



In January 2015, OSU Library administrators established the Library Student Ambassador program to address the need for improved collaboration between the Library and OSU students.  The Ambassadors offer a student-centered perspective while supporting the mission of the Library and facilitate opportunities for meaningful exchange with the OSU campus and community at large.  During the first year of the program, for example, the Ambassadors gained valuable experience working alongside OSU faculty and staff, representing the Library in professional settings and promoting Library services and resources.  The Ambassadors support the Dean of Libraries' vision through ongoing participation in the following areas: outreach and engagement, event planning and support, and feedback.

As part of their outreach and engagement efforts, the Ambassadors welcome new and prospective students to campus, promote Library services, and staff various programs, including the annual Friends of the OSU Library Dinner.  Ambassadors also help to plan and support events throughout the year.  Opportunities for student feedback, such as the "What If the Library...?" campaign, offer Ambassadors the chance to work with other students to crate a positive and inviting Library environment that enhances the college experience and positively impacts student retention.

Ultimately, the Library Student Ambassadors serve as peer-mentors by helping shape a collaborative learning environment where fellow students become experienced in navigating Library resources.  The Ambassadors' legacy centers on their continual efforts to serve as "first-responders" regarding Library-related matters and promotion of the OSU Library resources community wide.



For the latest news about the OSU Libraries, follow okstatelibrary on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

To receive occasional text messages about new services, scholarships and special opportunities for Library employees text LIBSTUDENT to 33222.




Call your Supervisor.  Make sure you have his/her direct phone number.  Some supervisors allow you to text.  Ask about the best way to make contact.


Dean's Office, 2nd floor, north.



Call your Supervisor.  Report any injuries immediately, even if it seems minor.


The application period is in January.  Watch your email, and check with your supervisor for details.


Call OSU Police and Safe Walk.


The Library is open late.  If you are leaving and want an escort to a campus location, ask!  Safe Walk is a free service available 7p to 3a.  During other times OSU PD may be available to escort employees.