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Organizing FAST START workshops: Promoting FAST START

Step by step guide to organizing FAST START workshops taught by librarians and others to help new faculty and graduate students learn about support resources available for researchers at OSU

Contacts for distributing FAST START info

  • Graduate College - ask to include a brief description and links in the Grad College Monday Memo - current contact is Carol  Powers
  • Library Communications - - include in faculty email (newsletter)
  • Use Outlook Groups for department chairs and administrative assistants (update yearly) - ask that they forward to new faculty if they are not yet on campus.
  • Experts Directory should be able to produce a list of new faculty to send invitations to

Sample Email

Announcing the 2021 OSU Library FAST  START Workshops

NOTE:  Though FAST START workshops are intended to help those who are new to campus, they are open to all.


Faculty and graduate students new to OSU often struggle to find the information and tools they need to launch their research projects and programs. This year the OSU Library will be offering the FAST START series of workshops intended to provide an introduction to research support here on campus. It is a great opportunity to learn “The Cowboy Way” and meet folks from across campus who can answer questions and connect you with resources.  Workshops are offered over the course of two separate weeks in August, are one hour in length and are set up to be delivered online.  Some may also be available in-person.  Participants will need to register separately for each workshop that they are interested in. Zoom links for virtual workshops will be provided with your confirmation email.

See the OSU Library website for complete workshop descriptions and registration information.

Kay K Bjornen, Ph.D.

Research Data Initiatives Librarian

Assistant Professor

Oklahoma State University Library