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Organizing FAST START workshops: Hosting workshops

Step by step guide to organizing FAST START workshops taught by librarians and others to help new faculty and graduate students learn about support resources available for researchers at OSU

Checklist for hosts of online workshops

Before the workshop begins
  • Open the Zoom link 10 minutes before the workshop starts and confirm that it is a valid link.
  • Use the registration list in Libcal to mark attendance
  • Enable closed captioning in Zoom.
  • Make the presenter a co-host or use the settings under "Share Screen" to allow others to share their screen.
  • Ask them to share their slides
  • Be sure that they know who much time they have to present and what they prefer for Q&A
  • If the waiting room is enabled, allow attendees when the workshop is ready to begin.
Introduce the speaker
  • Thank attendees for coming and mention whether questions will be accepted during the talk and how (Zoom chat, unmute).
  • Mention that they can click on the "Live Transcription" button at the top for closed captioning that can be saved.
  • It is usually not necessary to do more than just introduce the speaker with their name, title and the title of their presentation since most  will  introduce themselves with pertinent information.  For special speakers, you may want to ask for a brief bio before admitting attendees from the waiting room.
During the presentation
  • Monitor the chat during the talk for any issues such as slides aren't advancing, text too small, audio problems, etc.
  • If the speaker is accepting questions during the talk, monitor the chat for questions and interrupt to insert them as appropriate.
  • Let in any late arrivals as necessary.  If monitoring attendance, check them off in LibCal.
End of the workshop
  • Thank the speaker and ask for any follow up questions.  It is useful to have a couple of questions ready to cover awkward silences (optional, of course).
  • Mention any upcoming workshops that are open for registrations (if there is time)
Recorded workshops
  • ALL speakers must have signed a release (below)
  • Tell attendees that it is being recorded so that they can keep their video off and use chat for questions if they don't want to be recorded.
  • Start recording when speaker begins
  • After closing the Zoom meeting, a dialog box will warn that the recording will be converted and that it will take some time.  The files will then be save to a folder called "Zoom" on your hard drive.  The files will be in a file with the name of the Zoom meeting (workshop name).
  • The recordings can be uploaded to an OSF workshop site with slides and other workshop materials.
  • If it will be uploaded to the Library Youtube channel it should be saved to a shared folder with a pdf of the signed release and a document with the information needed by the Library Communications video editor.  A copy of that information is shown below.