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Text and Data Mining (TDM): Home

Resources for Text and Data Mining from Edmon Low Library at Oklahoma State University

Library-Based Resources & Data for TDM

  •  JSTOR Constellate
    • Word Frequencies, Significant Terms, Topic Modeling
    • For JSTOR resources, Chronicling America (historic newspapers), can use same open source tools on other resources
  •  HathiTrust Research Center
    • Built-in algorithms: Topic Modeling, Name Entity Recognition, Token Count and Tag Cloud Creator
    • Other algorithms/visualizations: almost anything you can think of (use python in data capsules)
    • For HathiTrust Digital Library (~17.5 million volumes)
  • OSU Government Information
    • Extensive Government Information resource by Documents Librarian Suzanne Reinman
  • OSU Maps & Spatial Data
    • GIS Data Guide put together by Maps & Spatial Data Curator Kevin Dyke

Open Resources & Data for TDM

Other Fee-Based Resources & Data for TDM

Please contact Megan Macken to explore options.