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Text and Data Mining (TDM): Home

Resources for Text and Data Mining from Edmon Low Library at Oklahoma State University

Library-Based Resources & Data for TDM

  •   JSTOR Constellate
    • Word Frequencies, Significant Terms, Topic Modeling
    • For JSTOR resources, Chronicling America (historic newspapers), can use same open source tools on other resources
  •  HathiTrust Research Center
    • Built-in algorithms: Topic Modeling, Name Entity Recognition, Token Count and Tag Cloud Creator
    • Other algorithms/visualizations: almost anything you can think of (use python in data capsules)
    • For HathiTrust Digital Library (~17.5 million volumes)
    • Workshops
  • OSU Government Information
    • Extensive Government Information resource by Documents Librarian Suzanne Reinman
  • OSU Maps & Spatial Data
    • GIS Data Guide put together by Maps & Spatial Data Curator Kevin Dyke
  • OSU Carpentries
    • Get coding skills for text and data mining. Regular workshops every semester.

Open Resources & Data for TDM

Other Fee-Based Resources & Data for TDM

Additional library resources (such as research databases) may be available for text and data mining depending on the license with OSU Libraries. Please contact for more information and before mining.