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A&M Consortium: FOLIO Courses Documentation: Adding & Editing Reserves Items

Instructions for how to use the Courses app in the FOLIO tenantOklahoma for the A&M Consortium.

Adding existing inventory items to a course

  1. From the course list, click on the course you would like to add items to.
  2. Scroll down to the "items" section of the course.
  3. Enter the barcode of the item you would like to add into the "Add existing Inventory item as a reserve" box and click “Add Item.”
  4. Click add item. The item location will now be changed to the Location set in the Course.

Please note: Multiple consortium members may own the same title, so make sure that you are using the barcode for the item at your institution. If you are searching the Inventory App to find the barcode of an item, take care to filter your inventory search by the correct effective location of the item on the Search and filter panel.

Adding items not in the inventory to a course

FOLIO allows you to create an instance record for an item directly from the Courses App. This can be helpful when adding personal/instructor copies to reserve.

  1. To add an item that is not in the inventory to a course, click on the Add Fast Add item button under the Items section of the course:


  1. Fill out the instance, holdings and item information about the item in the New Fast Add item record screen. See the FOLIO Docs site for more instructions on using the Fast Add function. 
  2. Set the Loan Type of the item to “Circulating” and change the location to your designated course reserves location.
  3. Click Save and Close.

Editing Item Information

After you add an item, you can edit the item's information from the Courses App. This function allows you to update the item in several ways including:

  • Setting a temporary loan type (Please note: If your institution has multiple loan policies for course reserves, this is where you set the appropriate loan type).
  • Setting a temporary location for the item
  • Setting a specific start and end date for the item to be on reserve if those dates are different than those of the Course it is on.
  • Setting a processing status for the item (the processing statuses for the Courses App are created in the Settings App)
  • Adding copyright information to an item.
  • Adding a URL or PDF Link associated with the item

Please note that temporary loan types, temporary location and processing statuses must be manually removed from the item. They will not be automatically removed when the item is removed from a course. This can done in either the Courses or Inventory apps.


To edit an item on a course:

  1. Click on the edit icon of the item you want to edit.

  1. Fill out the relevant fields and click “Save and Close.”

Additional Documentation

This guide covers specific instructions on using course settings for the Oklahoma consortium’s FOLIO tenant. Additional information about Courses settings in FOLIO can also be found at: