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A&M Consortium: FOLIO Cataloging Technology and Library of Things Items: Creating a New Instance Record

This guide will give basic advice on making brief records for Technology and/or Library of Things items.

Creating a New Instance Record

To create catalog records for equipment, technology, and library of things items, first create a new Instance Record.

Then add the following fields:

  • Choose whether to suppress the item from discovery.
  • "Instance status term": Equipment (local: equip)
  • "Resource title" : Make the title the same as on the box it was purchased in.  (The name may also be on a tag or from the website your ordered the item.) Make the title exact enough to know what the item is specifically.
  • "Physical descriptions" : Click on the "Add Description" button. Type what the object is.  You may describe the color and dimensions as necessary. If there are multiple parts, list all parts and the number of those parts.
  • "Resource type" : Usually "three-dimensional form" in these case. (Resource Type is based on RDA Content Type.  You can find RDA Information here, or you can use this simplified chart.)

An empty instance records looks like this:



Note for OKS-OSU Quality of Life Collection

If creating a record for a new item for OKS-OSU's Quality of Life Collection, please add the following statistical code in the Instance Record.  It is available in a drop-down menu. "OKS-OSU (Collection Stats): QoL - Quality of Life Collection."