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A&M Consortium: FOLIO Cataloging Technology and Library of Things Items: Adding Items

This guide will give basic advice on making brief records for Technology and/or Library of Things items.

Adding Items

Once holdings are created you may add an item.

Then fill out the item fields:

  • Add a barcode
  • Add "Material type"
  • add "Permanent loan type."

These fields will determine circulation rules for the item.  You may also add a call number or location if you wish it to be different from the holdings record.  This is not suggested. If you need assistance in choosing the correct "Material Type" or "Loan Type", please contact


OKS-OSU Material Types / Loan Types

Look below for the necessary Material Types and Loan Types for specific items at OKS-OSU.

Item Material Type Loan Type
Main Equipment (Technology, Quality of Life, Creative Studios) Equipment 3 day, 7 day, End of term due date, Circulating 
Room (Keys) in VM, Main, Creative Studios Room Circulating