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A&M Consortium: FOLIO Cataloging Technology and Library of Things Items: Fast Add Record Option

This guide will give basic advice on making brief records for Technology and/or Library of Things items.

Creating a Fast Add Record

First, open a new "Fast Add Record."


Next, fill out the following fields.


  • Suppress the item from discovery.  This option should be the default. Fast Add Records do not appear well in the EDS.
  • "Instance status term": Equipment (local: equip)
  • "Resource title": Make the title the same as on the box it was purchased in.  (The name may also be on a tag or from the website your ordered the item.) Make the title exact enough to know what the item is specifically.
  • "Resource type": Usually "three-dimensional form" in this case. (Resource Type is based on RDA Content Type.  You can find RDA Information here, or you can use this simplified chart.
  • Choose the correct "Permanent location" from drop-down menu.
  • Create a "Call number" if necessary with correct "Call number type."
  • Add a barcode
  • Add "Material type"
  • Add "Permanent loan type."

The Fast Add Record does not have the option to add a "Physical description." Use "Check-in notes" and "Check-out notes" as needed.  Include information like number of pieces, circulation specifics, and/or shelving instructions.

Location, material type, and loan type will determine circulation rules for the item. If you need assistance in choosing the correct "Material Type" or "Loan Type", please contact

OKS-OSU Locations for Materials

The Permanent Locations

OKS-OSU Main Equipment Main library's laptops, chargers, quality-of-life etc.
OKS-OSU Main Creative Studio

Creative Studio's collection of items to check out

(including Creative Studio's keys).

OKS-OSU Main Study Room or Support Items Keys
OKS-OSU NCB Circulation Desk North Classroom Building laptops and equipment/technology


OKS-OSU Material Types / Loan Types

Look below for the necessary Material Types and Loan Types for specific items at OKS-OSU.

Item Material Type Loan Type
Main Equipment (Technology, Quality of Life, Creative Studios) Equipment 3 day, 7 day, End of term due date, Circulating 
Room (Keys) in VM, Main, Creative Studios Room Circulating