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A&M Consortium: FOLIO Support Available from OSU Stillwater: Circulation Services

Our A&M Consortium is a collection of many institutions using one FOLIO tenant. In order to work together smoothly, the FOLIO Implementation Team is providing a framework of settings to provide constancy and reduce confusion.

Circulation Rules

Circulation Rules have been created based on the information you have share with the Folio Implementation Team in the past.  If things are not circulating correctly, contact the Folio Implementation Team as quickly as possible.

Click below to see a recent spreadsheet of each institutions circulations rules.  When cataloging, notice the bolded cells to see what values will contribute to the circulation rules.

Circulation Rules are based on the following values: You may need to contact the Folio Implementation Team to change.  These include:

Current Loan Policies

1 Day, due next day

1 Day, grace period

1 Day, no grace period

1 Month

1 Month, limited renewal

1 Month, non-renewable

14 day renewable

14 Day, non-renewable

2 Hour, non-renewable

2 Hour, renewable

3 Day, non-renewable

3 day, renewable

3 Hour, non-renewable

3 month, renewable

3 week, non-renewable

3 week, renewable

4 hour, renewable

4 Month

4 Month ILS

7 Day limited, non-renewable

7 Day, non-renewable

7 Day, renewable

8 week, non-renewable


OKG-PTS End of Term Due Date

OKS-OSU End of Term Due Date

OKS-OSU Semester Loan

OTL-OSUIT End of Term Due Date

OTU-TUL End of Term Due Date

OUJ-OKC End of Term Due Date

PS1-OPSU End of Term Due Date

Current Overdue Fine Policies

$.50 per minute

$0.10 per day

$0.25 per day

$0.25 per hour

$0.50 per day

$1 per day

$10 per day, $70 max

$20 per day

$25 per day

$5 per day

$5 per day, $35 max

No fine

Recall Fine Only

Current Lost Item Fee Policies

1 Day, variable replacement fee

3 day, variable replacement fee

30 Day, variable replacement fee

35 day, $20 lost fee

4 Day, variable replacement fee

60 day, $5 lost fee

60 Day, Set Replacement Fee

60 Day, variable replacement fee

8 Day, variable replacement cost

Lost, no fine

Patron Notice Policies

No notices


OKS-OSU Long Term Loans

OKS-OSU Short Term Loans

Patron Notice Templates

General Checkout Notice

General Renewal Notice

Changed Item Due Date

General Courtesy Notice

General Declared Lost Notice

General Final Overdue Notice

General Fines Notice

General Lost Item Fees

General Lost Item Returned

General Overdue Notice

General Recall Notice

General Return Notice

Hold Shelf Expiration Notice

Hold Shelf Expired

Hourly Courtesy Notice

Hourly Declared Lost Notice

Hourly Final Overdue Notice

Hourly Overdue Notice

Item Available Notice

Manual Fine Notice

Request Cancellation

Request Policies


Hold - Recall


No requests