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A&M Consortium: FOLIO Implementation Team's Services: Administrative Permissions

Our A&M Consortium is a collection of many institutions using one FOLIO tenant. In order to work together smoothly, the FOLIO Implementation Team is providing a framework of settings to provide constancy and reduce confusion.

Administrative Permissions

Administrative Permissions are assigned by the Folio Implementation Team.  Feel free to contact the team whenever you hire a new employee or when employee roles change.  Institutions can currently choose from the following Permissions Sets.

  • Acquisitions Manager
  • Calendar Administrator
  • Cataloging Manager
  • Cataloging Departmental Staff
  • Technical Services Student
  • Circulation Manager
  • Circulation Student
  • Course Reserves Administrator
  • Course Reserves Student
  • E-resources Manager
  • Fee/fines Manager
  • Inter-library Loan Staff
  • Inter-library Loan Student

If there is a need to modify these roles or if you get a system error, please contact the Folio Implementation Team.