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A&M Consortium: FOLIO Implementation Team's Services: Acquisition Services

Our A&M Consortium is a collection of many institutions using one FOLIO tenant. In order to work together smoothly, the FOLIO Implementation Team is providing a framework of settings to provide constancy and reduce confusion.

Acquisition Services

The Folio Implementation Team is determining the acquisition workflow.  Please contact the Folio Implementation Team if you have special needs or assistance.

Currently, the following acquisition-related settings are pre-determined, but they may be updated by the Folio Implementation Team.

Acquisition Units

Acquisition Units allows each institution to hold their orders and invoices separately from the other institutions.  Please contact the Folio Implementation Team if there is an issue with Acquisition Units.

  • OK1-NEO









  • PS1-OPSU

Fund Types

Current "Fund Types" are as follows.  Contact Folio Implementation Team for assistance.

  • College/University funds

  • Endowments

  • Grants

  • Library funds

  • Other

  • Restricted

  • State funds

  • Unrestricted

Expense Classes

The Expense Classes:

  • Binding

  • Book electronic

  • Book physical

  • CD

  • Database

  • Document Delivery

  • DVD

  • Kit

  • Map

  • Microfilm or fiche

  • Other physical material

  • Serial electronic

  • Serial physical

  • Streaming audio

  • Streaming video

  • Support

Acquisition Methods

  • Approval plan

  • Demand driven acquisitions (DDA)

  • Depository

  • Evidence based acquisitions (EBA)

  • Exchange

  • Free

  • Gift

  • Internal transfer

  • Membership

  • Other

  • Purchase

  • Purchase at vendor system

  • Technical

Closing Purchase Order Reasons

  • Cancelled

  • Ceased

  • Complete

  • Duplication

  • Error

  • Lack of funds

  • Lack of use

  • Licensing terms (unacceptable)

  • Low quality

  • Merged with another title

  • Split into other titles

  • Title is out of print

  • Title received as a gift

  • Title won’t be published

  • Title won’t be published this year

  • Transferred to another publisher

  • Unpreferred format

  • Unresponsive vendor

P.O. Prefixes

  • OK1 (NEO)

  • OKG (PTS [Phillips])

  • OKS (OSU-Stillwater)

  • OLR (CSC)

  • ONN (NOC)


  • OUT (OSU-Tulsa)



  • PS1 (OPSU [Panhandle])

Order Templates

Order Templates are complex and useful.  Separate institutions will need to create their own Order Templates.  The title of each Order Template needs to begin with your institution's prefix.  The PO information fields will also need your prefix, specialized vendor information, and acquisition units assigned.

Organization Categories

  • Claim

  • Order

  • Payment

  • Queries

  • Returns

  • Shipping