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A&M Consortium: FOLIO Implementation Team's Services: Other Settings

Our A&M Consortium is a collection of many institutions using one FOLIO tenant. In order to work together smoothly, the FOLIO Implementation Team is providing a framework of settings to provide constancy and reduce confusion.

Other Settings

An institution may need help with other settings as their policies and collections change.  This may include but is not limited:

  1. Creating and Deleting Locations
  2. Creating and Deleting Service Points
  3. Creating and Deleting Data Import Profiles

The locations and service points are included below in the attached spreadsheet.  Please review before requesting a new location.

The Folio Implementation Team is still working with Data Import Profiles and is considering the best workflow for Data Import Profiles.  Please contact the Folio Implementation Team if you have special needs for importing anything from MARC records to Orders.