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Music: COVID-19/Remote Teaching

This guide covers finding music and scores at the OSU Library as well as using audio and scores databases and music research databases

Copyright for Distance Learning

The National Association for Music Education presented a webinar March 30, 2020, in which John Mlynczak shared copyright information specific to distance learning and some copyright affordances publishers are offering to facilitate emergency remote teaching necessitated by COVID-19. A brief summary is below. Click here to view the seminar.

Distance Learning and Copyright

  • Use is linked to purchase of material
  • Free online access (absent specific licensing or permissions) does not guarantee legality of the access
  • Publishers generally permit replication of purchased physical or digital materials
  • Replication of whole class instruction is generally permitted by publishers
  • Publishers appreciate good faith efforts to provide access only to registered students.

Copyright guidance from Hal Leonard

  • Permission to create and provide digital access to students for whose use the physical or digital resources were purchased.
  • Permission to create and provide digital access to demonstration recordings, rehearsal recordings, and student recordings to students for whose use the physical or digital resources were purchased.
  • Permission to use physical copies of sheet music for online learning videos serving as an extension of whole class instruction.
  • Permission to use full content available in Hal Leonard's "extended trials of online education solutions". Additional trials are available at

NAfME. 2020-03-30 1600 NAfME PLC Webinar_Online Learning and Copyright for Music Educators By John Mlynczak. 2020. Vimeo,

I will share information from other publishers as I receive it. If you have questions, corrections, or information regarding a specific publisher or practice, contact me ( and I will find an answer. Be well, and thank you for sharing your talent and hard work.

Dear instructors,


As the educational community responds to COVID-19, we have received emails from vendors offering limited-time free access to their tools and platforms.  I have listed those in the box below this on this page. I would like to share some online resources that are always free or affordable. I know you are concerned about your students who may be experiencing greater financial stress than usual if they’re not able to work, have been displaced, or have a change in responsibilities. The resources and tools listed below will continue to be free to you and your students after the crisis is over. 


Below are some places to start finding free and open resources. Or just contact me with your topic or learning objectives, and I will look for you! Your time and energy are particularly valuable right now, and I would like to help however I can.


Open Textbook Library. Read peer reviews and access open textbooks being used across the world.

Openstax. High-quality, peer-reviewed, open textbooks on introductory topics. Students can buy print copies. See their blog post on Teaching online with OpenStax to support emerging social distancing requirements. OpenStax has quiz banks, slides, and other ancillaries freely available for instructors who sign up with them.

Lumen Learning. Offers a wide array of open content that you can access for free. Their Waymaker and OHM modules are low-cost homework platforms that can be integrated with an LMS, but all of the Lumen resources can be used for free.


If you’re looking for more open resources, check out Locating OER by OSU Libraries. New to OER? Schedule a virtual appointment with Kathy Essmiller and let's see what we can find. OSU ITLE has curated some guidance to help instructors with this shift. Their very useful videos and resources can be found at


Visit the Library’s COVID 19 page for more the most current information. The other librarians and I are happy to chat with you about topics such as:

You can email us individually to set up a Zoom appointment, or email

Let us know how we can help.


Thanks to Michaela Willi-Hooper for sharing and helping scope the information provided above.

Platforms Offering Temporary Remote Resources

The information below is provided as of April 3, 2020, and is subject to change. Let me know of other resources which should be added!

Additional Resources for Remote Teaching