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Hospitality and Tourism Management: Full Text e-Journals

A guide to resources and research in hospitality

Scholarly journal vs. trade magazine

Scholarly journals are often referred as research or academic journals.  Many of these scholarly journals are also peer-reviewed or refereed publications, which means articles in them must be evaluated and approved by a panel of experts before they can be published. Unlike articles in trade/popular magazines or newspapers, which are mainly written by reporters for a general audience, articles in peer-reviewed journals are written by scholars or researchers for specialists or students in particular fields of study. Peer-reviewed journal articles are usually more in-depth in their coverage of a topic and cite sources used (footnotes, references lists, etc.) and may contain jargon and language of the field.

Trade magazines, also called professional magazines, are publications that are published target marketing to a specific industry, business or type of trade. Trade magazines typically contain industry or company news, job advertisements, buyer's guides, and practical articles.

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