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Materials Properties

Learning how to use the items listed in this guide

Either eformat or the print is sufficient for "learning" how to proceed through materials science or another similar course, such as metallurgy, welding, fabrication, senior design.  Search for materials properties based on the material.  Metals then are grouped as steels (known also as ferrous) and non-steels (known also as non-ferrous) such as copper, aluminum, beryllium and so on.  Or search by the designation code assigned such as C26000. 

Searching the eformat  is preferred by most students.  Searching print by the index volume may be preferred for one just learning how to use the ASTM, ASM, and SAE Handbook.   SAE Handbook is print only, we do _not_ have eformat.  The print format of the SAE Handbook is located in the basement, 629.102 S111 2005 volumes 1-3

Databases (this is the databases list A-Z, an alphabetical listing of over 200 databases)

ASM Metals Handbooks 

comprehensive information source for ferrous and non-ferrous metals and materials technology
complete content of twenty-eight ASM Handbook volumes & several ASM Handbook supplements
over 25,000 pages of illustrations, tables, graphs, specifications.  ASM Handbooks may also be searched from Knovel.


ASTM Standards  

            Search by standard number (G49, G44, etc)  and/or title
            Full-text pdf of the standards
            do not use ASTM – they charge $$$ and you will not have the OSU-paid full text

Heat Treater's Guide Ferrous

Heat Treater's Guide Non-Ferrous


Additional Knovel features: Create a "My Knovel" account. .  "MyKnovel" is useful for storing items of interest from your searches and sharing with other Knovel users.   To create an account select "My Knovel" hyperlink at the top of the page -  Create your "My Knovel" account using your email_ and a password that you would use specifically for Knovel. 

SAE Handbook (print only, we do not have it online) located Main Library basement, 629.102 S111 2005 volumes 1-3.  Previous editions of the SAE is available in the basement under the same call number.  SAE is free to roam with a student anywhere in the building - you will need to check the basement for previous years 2003, 2002, 2001, volumes 1, 2 or 3 as needed.  Be sure to have volumes 1, 2, and 3 in front of you - use any combination of years - such as volume 1 2002, volume 2 and 3 2005. 

ASM Handbook (print) located Main Library Reference, 669.02 A512m 1990

one advantage of the print is that you can turn through the print format and for some folks that gives them a better over all feel for the subject matter - content and organization.   Consider also, ASM Metals Handbook Online, above.

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