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Electrical Engineering Technology: Citation Styles

Citation Styles in Engineering

Citation Style Guides

There are many style guides to choose from.  When working on your papers, follow your professor's, editor's, or journal's instructions first. If no instructions are provided, consider one of the styles below. ACS (American Chemical Society) and AIP (American Institute of Physics) have more technical examples and are used more in engineering than APA (American Psychological Asssociation), Chicago, MLA (Modern Languages Association), and Turabian. One of the best online sites for basic citiation style in ALA or MLA formats is Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL). This LibGuide can help you choose the best citation manager for your science paper.  Special thanks to the Engineering Library at Cornell University for the use of their content for this guide.

ACM  Association of Computing Machinery

ACS Style Guide American Chemical Society,

AIP Style Manual American Institute of Physics.

AICHE CEP Reference Style  American Institute of Chemical Engineers

ASABE Journals  American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE).

ASCE Online Author's Guide  American Society of Civil Engineers

ASME - Author Kit to Publishing in a ASME journal



Physical Review style (APS journals)