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Edmon Low Library

Color Printing at the Edmon Low Library: Frequently Asked Questions


How much does color printing cost?
There is no cost for color printing. 

Where are my color print outs?
The color printers are located on the first floor of the Edmon Low Library on the east side of the computer cluster. Color print jobs do not run until you log in and release them at one of the two release stations, located by the printers.  

How much does black and white printing cost?
Printing on the black and white printers is always free. Please use the black and white printers for your black and white pages.  

I made a mistake! I didn't mean to send a job to the color printer, can I cancel it?
Color jobs are not printed until you log in to the release station and select them to print. If you accidentally send a job to the color printer, you can log in to the release station to delete it, or you can simply let it expire.