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Library Color Printing: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does color printing cost?
The cost is $.10/page regardless of single-sided or double-sided printing. For example, a four page document printed single-sided would be $.40; printed double-sided it would be $.20.

Where are my color print outs?
The color printers are located on the first floor of the Edmon Low Library on the east side of the computer cluster. Color print jobs do not run until you log in and release them at one of the two release stations, located by the printers.  

If the printer jams/misprints/runs out of toner will I still be charged?
If the printer malfunctions during your print job, bring the misprint to the Circulation and Information Desk. Staff will reprint it for you.

How much does black and white printing cost?
Printing on the black and white printers is always free. Please use the black and white printers for your black and white pages.  

If I print black and white pages will I be charged?
Any document printed on the color printer will incur a charge of $.10/page regardless of the amount of color on the page. If you have a document with a mix of black and white pages and color pages, we suggest printing only the color pages to the color printer and using our free black and white printers for the remaining pages. This can be done using the print settings.

‚ÄčHow do I pay?
Color printing will be charged to your Bursar after the job is released at the print station.

I accidently sent a job to the color printer, will I be charged?
You are only charged for jobs that you sign in and release to print. If you sent a job to the color printer in error, you can delete the job from the queue or simply don’t release it. Abandoned, unreleased jobs will expire from your queue. 

Why was color printing suspended before?
Color printing was temporarily suspended in the fall of 2019. The cost of providing unlimited color printing was higher than anticipated. The break allowed the Library to explore more cost effective means of providing the service.

Is the Library making money off this?/ Why do color prints cost more elsewhere on campus?
The $.10/page charge does not cover the full cost of providing the service. Our goal is to off-set the cost to point that it remains financially feasible to offer. The Library does not make a profit from color printing fees.