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Library Color Printing: Home

Color Printing is $.10/page

How to Print

From Your Own Laptop

Print Now | Instructions

From a Library Computer

Step 1: Submit your print job from any Library desktop or laptop. Select “Library Color” as the printer.

You will be prompted to log in and given the option to name your print job. Giving your job a name can help you distinguish it in the print queue. Items will stay in your queue for approximately 24 hours before they expire. 

Note: 2-sided is the default setting. You can change this in the print properties if you wish. 

Step 2: Log-in at either of the 2 color printing release stations with your Okey email and password. These are located on the east side of the first floor. 

Step 3: After you've logged in, you will see your personal print queue. Select your print job, then click Print or Delete.

Note: Don’t forget to log off at the release station.