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Patrick Daglaris: Profile

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Professional Service

Oral History Association

  • Scholarship Committee (2020)
  • Membership Committee (2019-)
  • Publications Committee (2019-)
  • Archives Principles and Best Practices Task Force (2019)
  • Archives Interest Group (2018-)

Oklahoma Archivists Association

  • Information Officer, Executive Board (2019-)
  • Nominating Committee (2019-)
  • Regional Archival Associations Consortium Representative (2019-)

Society of American Archivist

  • Communications Committee of the Preservation Section (2019-)

Selected Publications & Presentations

Chun, G., Daglaris, P., Dees, D., Dombrowski, D., Hendrix, D., Ortiz, P. (2020). "Celebrating a 50-Year Oral History Collaboration Between the Poarch Band of Creek Indians and the University of Florida," Presentation, Oral History Association, Virtual Conference.

Daglaris, P., & Neurohr, K. (2020). "What's Happening? Oklahoma Libraries and Oral Histories," Presentation, Oklahoma Library Association, Virtural Conference.

Anderson, A., Daglaris, P., Taylor, J. (2019). “Consuming Culture: Twentieth Century Food and the Shaping of Modern Southern Identity,” Paper presentation, Oral History Association Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT.

Daglaris, P. (2019). “Chilocco Indian Agricultural School Oral History Project,” Presentation, Oklahoma Library Association’s Tribal Libraries Committee Regional Meeting, Stillwater, OK.

Diana Eidson, H., Daglaris, P., Topping, B., Turcotte, F. (2018). “Voices from the Archive: Creating and contextualizing public memory in the American South,” Paper presentation, Oral History Association Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada.

Daglaris, P., & Hall, H. (2018). “Introduction to Project Management,” Presentation, Digital Scholarship at the University of Florida Workshop, Gainesville, FL.

Daglaris, P. (2017). “Doing Oral History in the Tidewater Region,” Workshop, Foundation for Historic Christ Church, Lancaster, VA.

Anderson, A., Daglaris, P., Morini, R. (2016). “The Challenges, Rewards, and Lessons of Doing Oral History Fieldwork,” Roundtable, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

Blanc, S., Daglaris, P., Dombrowski, D., Taylor, J. (2015). “Standing with Elders: Fieldwork in the South,” Paper presentation, Oral History Association Annual Meeting, Tampa, FL.