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Citation/Style Manuals: Overview

Print Citation Style Manuals

There are several different style manuals for how to prepare citations in a bibliography. Each academic discipline uses a specific style for preparing citations. This style dictates the elements and their order in a citation as well as the format of the bibliography. If you have a writing assignment, your instructor may specify which style to use. If not, there are certain style manuals commonly used in the various disciplines.

Keep in mind, information from the Internet should be cited differently from print materials. Earlier editions of style manuals may not include how to cite Internet sources. Be sure the edition you use has specific directions for citing electronic online sources. If you are unsure which style manual you should use, check with your instructor about what style is appropriate for the discipline.

Use the tab above to find Web resources on various commonly used citation styles. The EndNote tab takes you to a guide on the free bibliographic citation management software provided by the OSU Library, and the OSU Theses/Dissertations tab has links to the OSU Graduate College guidelines and tips on finding OSU theses and dissertations.

Frequently used style manual books are listed below: