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Copyright: Overview

COVID Copyright & Fair Use Guidelines

Dear instructors,

As OSU classes transition online in response to COVID-19, you may have questions about copyright and fair use for your course materials. Even under normal circumstances, courts favor educational uses because of their broad public benefits. As long as we are being thoughtful in our analysis and limiting our activities to the specific needs of our patrons during this time of crisis, copyright law supports our uses.

For more details, see our COVID-19 Copyright & Fair Use Guidelines page at

Guide to Copyright Basics

    Oklahoma State University - Guide to Copyright

Copyright law can be complicated, and remaining compliant can seem daunting.  The following guide is intended to provide answers to frequently asked questions, help authors learn how to effectively use and enforce their rights, and to demystify copyright law as much as possible.

Table of Contents

Copyright Basics -- Overview of copyright and basic copyright questions.

Fair Use and Exceptions -- Explains rules and exceptions for the use of copyrighted materials.

Using Copyright -- Answers questions about how to use copyrighted materials.  

Requesting Permission -- Defines what permissions are and how you can get them if necessary.

Permissions to Use and Reproduce Instruments in a Thesis/Dissertation -- Understanding copyright related to using surveys, questionnaires, interview questions, tests, measures, or other instruments created by other people.

Resource Links -- Offers additional links and information pertaining to copyright.

Copyright Disclaimer

The information presented here is intended for informational purposes and should not be construed as legal advice. Legal questions involving Oklahoma State University should be directed to the Oklahoma A&M Office of Legal Counsel.