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Photos & Video in the Library: Home

Policies and protocols for taking photos and videos in the Library.

The OSU Library welcomes reporters, photographers and students working on class assignments. We ask that all photographers adhere to our privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

The OSU Library and its branches are public places. However, academic libraries have special concerns for users' privacy, and we ask photographers have the utmost respect for this. We ask you not to take any shots of individuals where you can see what that person is researching (on paper or on screen) without first getting that person’s permission.

Broad shots of the building, or crowds of people is fine. Posed shots with models or volunteers are also fine.

Professional Photographers/Videographers

There is no charge to take photos or videos in the Edmon Low Library or any of the OSU-Stillwater branch libraries. Please notify Library Communication Services prior to your arrival. The staff can reserve spaces for your shoot, suggest locations to suit your needs, and assist with redirecting foot traffic in public areas.

Photographers who have not made prior arrangements with Communication Services will likely be stopped by Library personnel and asked to check in with Library Communication Services.

Photos & Video for Personal Use

Students, parents or other visitors may take a limited number of pictures only of members of their party without checking in with Library Communication Services. Please adhere to the privacy policy.

Popular Locations

  • Grand Staircase (1st floor south)
  • Peggy V. Helmerich Browsing Room (2nd floor east)
  • Anne Morris Greenwood Reading Room (2nd floor west)
  • Angie Debo Room (2nd floor, inside Special Collections)
  • Silent Study Area (4th floor south)