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Rhetoric & Professional Writing: Home

This is a guide to OSU Library resources for the Rhetoric & Professional Writing program in the OSU English Department

Introduction to Library Resources for Rhetoric and Professional Writing

This guide will cover library resources for the Rhetoric and Professional Communication program in the English Department.  It includes rhetoric and composition as well as the professional communication programs in English.  These concentrations rely heavily upon research in the field of education (the teaching of writing) as well as the study of rhetoric and discourse analysis.  Professional communication also looks at writing and other forms of professional and technical communication in disciplines such as business, science and engineering, and may other fields.

For specific help in researching a topic in rhetoric or professional writing, please get in touch with me using the contact information on the right-hand column of this guide.

For library guides on the other programs offered by the OSU Department of English such as Literature/Creative Writing, Linguistics and TESL, and Screen Studies) consult the English Department guide.