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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: SDG Resources

Resources for Individual SDGs

Poverty Data

Food, Nutrition & Agriculture Data

Health Data

Gender Equality Data

Water & Sanitation Data

Energy Data

Labor Data

Economic Data

Industry Data

Housing Data

Transportation Data

Disaster Risk and Impact Data

Earth Observations Data

Searching for SDG Research Using Scopus and Dimensions

  • Click on "Advanced Document Search"
  • Scroll down to "Pre-generated queries" on the right menu.
  • Select the SDG of your choosing.
  • Perform a search and add terms or refine results as needed.
  • Click on "Research Categories" on left menu
  • Select "Sustainable Development Goals"
  • Select the SDG of your choice or click "Browse" if it is not listed
  • Perform as search, adding terms or refining as needed

General Resources

SDGs in the News (Google News feed)

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