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About this research guide

This guide covers the basics on historical research using the OSU Library resources. Following the links on the left-hand side of the page will aid you as you go through this guide.

  • Use Background Information to help place a topic in context, to define or narrow it, or to clarify a point of confusion. In addition, articles in these books often give list of books and articles for further reading in a section entitled Suggested Reading, Further Reading, Sources, or simply Bibliography.
  • Use Find Books to find more detailed information.
  • Use Find Articles when you have decided on a manageable topic.
  • You will then want to find and analyze Find Primary Sources, the historical evidence that supports your thesisThe Historical E-Book/Digital Collections link will take you to a separate guide on digital collections of books from 1475 to the 1900s at the OSU Library.  It will also cover historical newspaper and other primary source content.

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