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NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy : Home

All NIH grant proposals submitted on January 25, 2023 and beyond will be required to include a data management and sharing plan.

New NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy implementation

NOTICE:  All funding proposals submitted for January 25, 2023 deadlines and beyond must meet the new NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy.

  • A data management and sharing plan (DMSP) must be submitted for intramural, extramural, contract and all other NIH awards that generate scientific data.
  • Plan for data to be made publicly available by the time of publication or end of the funding period.
  • Compliance will be evaluated by the NIH Institute or Center and non-compliance will be considered for future funding decisions for the recipient institution.
  • NIH strongly encourages use of established repositories to the extent possible that meet guidelines provided in policy supplemental information.  

Why Data Sharing

There are benefits for the researcher, research sponsor, scientific community and public:

  • Openness in science
  • Promotes rigor and transparency
  • Enhanced researcher reputation through increased citations
  • Expansion of the scientific community, increased discussion and participation
  • Increased opportunities for cross disciplinary research
  • A better informed public increases trust in science and better decision making
  • Allows optimized spend by research funders
  • Increased opportunities for meta-analyses through combining datasets across laboratories

Final NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing - The Essentials

Final NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing - Resources and presentations for more

Opportunities for more support and information will be added here as it becomes available. See these updates directly from the NIH:

For more detailed information on specific parts of the NIH DMS Policy such as the DMS Plan, see the tabs to the left of this page. Do you need a template to guide you through the DMSP format? Visit for a walkthrough of the DMSP document sections!


For help creating a DMSP that meets the new NIH policy, contact the Research Data Initiatives Librarian at your OSU library.

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