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Organizing FAST START workshops: Creating the schedule page in the FAST START guide

Step by step guide to organizing FAST START workshops taught by librarians and others to help new faculty and graduate students learn about support resources available for researchers at OSU

Creating the libguide

A libguide devoted to FAST START workshops can be found here.  Begin by adding a page after the Workshop Descriptions page for the current year.

The code for the page can be copied from the previous year's source code (in this guide). Edit each cell with the information for individual workshops, including the name, date and time.  The css style code for each entry will create the orange formatted "button" that is linked to the calendar registration page.  The code can be copied from past workshop entries and updated with the 7 digit code that links the calendar event to the button.  To find the unique code for each calendar event, double click on it on the library events calendar.  A window will open with the info about the workshop.  Select the blue "Manage Event" button at the bottom left-hand side.  Another window will open and along the top a tab called "Create Event Button" is on the right side.  Look for the code and the friendly url in the box called "Embed code".  The friendly url is also found on the first page where the "Manage Event" button was found.  Style code should be entered in the field called "Guide Custom JS/CSS" found at the right hand side top of the page.