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A&M Consortium: FOLIO Support Available from OSU Stillwater: Overview

Our A&M Consortium is a collection of many institutions using one FOLIO tenant. In order to work together smoothly, the FOLIO Implementation Team is providing a framework of settings to provide constancy and reduce confusion.

Contacting the Stillwater Implementation Team


This guide is designed to help the OSU A&M Consortium understand how the FOLIO Implementation Team can help them as they are testing and launching their new FOLIO tenant and EDSs.  There are many settings that institutions will have have to contact the Folio Implementation Team to edit for their needs.  Click on each type of service for more information.

Contact Us:

The best way to reach the team is FOLIO Help email.  We can answers your questions from this shared email and contact you quickly without reduplicating our efforts. (Questions should be answered within two business days.)

Types of Services: