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A&M Consortium: Folio Cataloging Guidance: Overview

Advice on cataloging with the shared A&M Consortium Folio Client

Guidelines for Creating Cataloging Records in Folio


This guide is designed to help catalogers from the OSU A&M consortium add bibliographical records/instances, holdings, and items into the new shared Folio tenant and cooperate together to maintain a clean, useful catalog.  Remember: This guide and the Folio tenant are only for cataloging physical items.  Electronic resources will be loaded into your EBSCO Custom Catalog. 


The steps to Folio cataloging are:

1. Search for Existing Instance Records

2. Creating Instance Records (If none can be found that match)

3. Add Holdings Records

4. Add Item Records


Things to consider as before cataloging:

  1. OSU A&M Libraries share one Folio tenant.  Each university then has its own institution, campuses, branches, and locations.  Do not overlay or edit work done by an institution not your own (unless you contact the creator of the record).  However, each university may add needed fields.  See Creating Local Notes.
  2. In Folio, catalogers do not assign holdings and items to a bib record, they assign holdings and items to an "instance record."  The cataloger imports the MARC record into Folio, and Folio stores the MARC record in Source Record Storage (SRS).  Then Folio derives the instance record from a MARC record.  See Creating Instance Records for more information.

    Catalogers may edit MARC SRS record by using the drop-down menu option "Edit MARC bibliographical data."  It may take a day before the Folio instance record reflects the changes to the MARC record.

  3. In Folio, the cataloger may choose to create an instance record without importing a MARC record into the SRS. This is not recommended. These records will not have an associated MARC record in SRS.  EBSCO's EDS relies heavily on the MARC record in the SRS.
  4. Folio currently does not allow users to delete instance records.  Import records with wisdom.  A tidy catalog will allowing faster searching and less confusion.

Folio Resources

For more information visit these websites: