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Quick Guide to MLA Style: Full-Text Journal Article Citation

This is a guide to citing sources for research papers in MLA Style

MLA 8th Ed. - Full-Text Journal Articles

Author, "Title of the Article." Title of the Journal, vol. #, issue #., date, pages. [Use the "vol.," "no.," and "pp." abbreviations]. Database, doi [Document Object Identifier number, if present; otherwise use persistent URL]. The date of access can helpful for readers as well.


Jewett, Chad. "The Modality of Toni Morrison's Jazz." African American Review, vol. 48, no. 4, 2015, pp. 445-456. Project Muse, doi:10.1353/afa.2015.0052. Accessed 10 August 2016.

Friedman, Susan Stanford. "Relational Epistemology and the Question of Anglo-American Feminist Criticism." Tulsa Studies in Wormen's Literature, vol. 12, no. 2, 1993, pp. 247-261. Accessed 10 August 2016.

Kumbhar, Rajendra. "Review of Research and Writing During 2010." The Electronic Library, vol. 30, no. 6,  2012, pp. 777-795. ProQuest Research Library, doi:10.1108/02640471211282109.  Accessed 10 August 2016.