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Linguistics and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL): Finding Books/E-Books


Call Number Ranges for Linguistics and TESL

Books on Linguistics are mostly found on the 4th floor of the Edmon Low Library in the 400 call # range.  English dictionaries and books on English grammar and the history of the English language are in the 420 call # range.  The 430-499 call # ranges cover books on foreign languages, including dictionaries and grammars.  430 is German, 440 is French, 460 is Spanish, and Native American, Asian, and other non-European languages are in the 490s.

Books on Teaching English as a Second Language are also found in the 420s on the 4th floor, but some books on learning to write in English (or composition in general) are mostly in the 808 call # range, also on the 4th floor.  There are a few more pedagogical books in the Education call # range (370s), but the majority are in the language section, the 400s.


WorldCat and Inter-Library Services

WorldCat (for books or media, not articles) is a catalog database of library holdings worldwide.  Use it to search for books NOT necessarily at the OSU Library.  When you find a book you'd like to request, click the "Borrow from another library" link. In most cases, the request form will be pre-filled for you. You can also find Inter-library Services at this link to request a book or article, but the form will not be pre-filled for you. This service is free to OSU students, faculty, and staff, but the other library determines how long you can keep the item.