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SC 3953 (Research Methods in Strategic Communications): Consumer/Target Market Demographics, Behavior, and Trends

Start Here:

Data Planet - A statistical portal that integrates over 100,000 diverse topics of data and facts from over 10,000 sources into a single professional platform. Of particular importance is the subset EASI Market Planner which contains the Consumer Behavior dataset of consumer usage and purchasing patterns from Mediamark. Further explanation and examples can be found here.

American FactFinder - Official data from the U.S. Census of Population and Housing, the American Community Survey, or the Economic Census.

GfK MRI's University Internet Reporter (UIR) - UIR provides online access to the Survey of the American Consumer™ database of media use, product purchase, and consumer attitudes and beliefs. Access to GfK MRI is restricted to OSU students, faculty and employees and requires registration using a OSU email address. You will also need a registration code provided to login and begin registration.  A tutorial on how to use the database is below.

Then try these

Association for Consumer Research - Provides free access to newsletter, papers, and presentations from Conferences on consumer research.

Consumer Expenditure Survey - From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, statistics and reports on consumer expenditures, unemployment rates and much more.

Harris Polls Vault - Searchable data from Harris opinion polls from 1963 - present.

Marketing Charts - Supplies charts based on data from other companies about consumers' interactions and habits with media.

Nielsen Newswire - News stories tracking trends in areas such as consumer behavior and media.

Pew Research Center - A non-partisan research group that collects and presents data, opinions, and reports of American attitudes, activities, and trends.

Survey of Consumer Finance - A survey from the U.S. Federal Reserve Board every 3 years to track the financial state of consumers.

US Census Bureau International Database (IDB) - Statistical tables of demographic and socio-economic data for 227 countries and areas of the world.