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The Paul Miller Papers Project: Complete Project Document

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The OSU Library offers this document to scholars, journalists, teachers, and anyone interested in the life and career of one of the most remarkable newspapermen of the twentieth century. The material contained herein introduces investigators to the breadth of Paul Miller’s surviving papers, suggests topics for possible monographs and peer-reviewed journal articles, and provides a generous sample of hundreds of the most interesting documents in the collection. For example, there is a partial narrative biography complete with supporting documents that spans the period from Miller’s birth in 1906 to his hiring in 1947 by Frank E. Gannett as his heir apparent to the presidency of the Gannett Co., Inc. The document also contains a wealth of transcribed correspondence, newspaper clippings, editorials, and scrapbooks organized according to the possible scholarly projects for which the Paul Miller Papers are particularly suited. A word of caution: This document does not reproduce all of the materials in the collection. It does, however, provide a detailed overview and cross-section of the documentary legacy of an extraordinary journalist, entrepreneur, world traveler, civic leader, philanthropist, and intimate of many of the most significant political and military figures of the Depression era, World War II, and the Cold War.

Below, you will find the Paul Miller Complete Document that contains all of the documents provided on this website in one 2,138 page PDF. You can also view the Table of Contents for this document . If you would like to download specific portions of the complete document, please use the menu in the sidebar to view your desired material.

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