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The Paul Miller Papers Project: Witness to History

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Paul Miller: Witness to History, chronicles his more than thirty years as both witness to and participant in many of the most dramatic and world-changing events of the Second World War and Cold War eras as they developed from 1942-1979. The section begins with nearly 100 pages of historiography, historical context, and transcriptions of documents connected  to Miller’s role as A.P bureau chief in the nation’s capital from 1942-1946 – years during which the greatest cataclysm in the history of civilization ended just as a new period of confrontation between former allies emerged from the wreckage. Section Five contains more than 200 pages that trace the story of Miller’s Cold War journalism from 1945-1979. It then continues with hundreds of pages of transcriptions of correspondence, newspaper clippings, and scrapbook entries that open the chronicle of his personal and professional relationships with all eight presidents of the United States from FDR to Jimmy Carter, follow Miller’s political conservatism as it evolved throughout the postwar era, and that detail his close personal and professional bond with Richard Nixon – an association that began during the latter’s vice presidency and which endured through the turbulent years of the Watergate scandal that ended his presidency. The section concludes with fifty pages of finding aids for a wide variety of documents dating from 1958 to 1979.

This document, which can be downloaded by clicking here, contains all of the documents provided in this section in one 705 page PDF. You can view a table of contents for this document here. If you would prefer to view discrete sections of this document, please refer to the dropdown menu found in the Paul Miller: Witness to History section of the sidebar.