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First Year Seminar Library Orientation: Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Are you ready to get to know the Edmon Low Library?

You can access the scavenger hunt by using the links below. Make sure you know your course name and abbreviation (for example: EDUC 1111) and your instructor's name. You'll need them to start the hunt. Have fun!

You have two options, please check with your instructor to ensure you complete the correct one.

Do the in-person scavenger hunt.

This version requires you to be in the building and use the library's website. Make sure you are following all coronavirus procedures while in the library.

Do the online-only scavenger hunt.

This version can be done from anywhere, and requires that you use the library website and view several online tutorials.

Scavenger Hunt Outcomes

By completing this scavenger hunt, students should be able to:

  1. Identify what library services and resources are available and how to access/utilize them.
  2. Navigate the physical and virtual spaces of the library.
  3. Identify when and why they should use library or other academic resources versus performing a generic open web search.
  4. Identify librarians and subject guides that may be relevant to their interests and majors.
  5. Use the Discovery Search (BOSS),  to locate and use books, articles, and other resources on a given topic.