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Open Access @OSU Libraries: OA Agreements and Investments

Open Access Agreements and APC Discounts

Full Open Access Agreements

Oklahoma State University Libraries currently participates in the following agreements which allow OSU authors (must typically be the corresponding author) to publish their articles open access without the need to pay an article processing charge (APC).






Open Access Discounts

Subscribe to Open Commitments

Subscribe to Open (S2O) "allows publishers to convert journals from subscriptions to OA, one year at a time. Using S2O, a publisher offers a journal’s current subscribers continued access. If all current subscribers participate in the S2O offer (simply by not opting out) the publisher opens the content covered by that year’s subscription. If participation is not sufficient—for example, if some subscribers delay renewing in the expectation that they can gain access without participating—then that year’s content remains gated. The offer is repeated every year, with the opening of each year’s content contingent on sufficient participation. In some cases, access to backfile content may be used to enhance the offer." - From the Subscribe to Open Community of Practice

Open Access Investments and Commitments


We appreciate the leadership and example of Iowa State University's Open Scholarship Services team. Their OA  "investments" and "agreements" pages served as the model for this page.