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Open Access @OSU Libraries: Open Access

Open Access Terminology

Gold Open Access - articles published & distributed in an open access peer-reviewed journal

Green Open Access - articles published in a peer-reviewed journal, then deposit a copy of their article the university's institutional repository (or in other central repositories, such as PubMed Central), so that it is freely available to the public.

Hybrid Open Access - articles published in a subscription journal and made open access upon payment

Transformative Agreement: contract negotiated between institutions and publishers that roll together the costs of accessing articles as well as the costs of making articles published by corresponding authors affiliated with the institution openly available

Pre-print - The version of the manuscript submitted to the journal, before undergoing peer review (also called submitted manuscript, author's original draft, pre-refereed print)

Post-print - The accepted version, after peer review but prior the final copy-editing and layout (also called accepted manuscript, accepted author manuscript, post-refereed print)

Published article: An exact digital replicate of the published article (also called version of record, publisher's version)

Author's Addendum - attached to publication or copyright transfer agreements requesting additional author rights beyond those already granted by the publisher.


Adapted from Björk, B.-C., Laakso, M., Welling, P. and Paetau, P. “Anatomy of green open access.” Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology 65 (2014): 237–250.