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Patent and Trademark Resource Center at Oklahoma State University: Home

Welcome to the Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC)

The Patent and Trademark Resource Center at Oklahoma State University is a partner with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to support the intellectual property needs of the public.

The OSU PTRC assists with preliminary patent and trademark research by appointment at no charge.

Contact a patent/trademark attorney for a complete search, legal advice, and submission of a patent or trademark application.

Complete the IP Assessment Tool at the USPTO.

The full-text of patents by number are available via Pat2PDF.

Patent and Trademark Resource Centers are located nationwide.

Patent Search Assistance

  • Our staff can assist with a PRELIMINARY U.S. patent search by appointment using CPC CLASSIFICATIONS, recommended to determine if someone else has already obtained protection for the invention you plan to make. See General Information Concerning Patents.

Additional Resources

PTRC at Oklahoma State University

To schedule an appointment or search assistance please contact us to ensure the availability of staff and computer time. 405 744-6546.

The Oklahoma State University PTRC is located in the Edmon Low Library on the 5th floor in the Government Documents department.

Directions to the Library

Trademark Search Assistance

  • A search of federally registered and pending trademarks is recommended for anyone seeking to name a service or product. This search is helpful to determine if someone else has already obtained protection for the name you plan to use in commerce. See Basic Facts About Trademarks.
  • Preliminary trademark research can be done via the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's TESS database. For search assistance, please contact us at (405) 744-6546.
  • TESS includes federally registered and pending trademarks only; it does not include state registered or common-law marks.
  • For a complete search (federal, state, and common-law marks), please contact a trademark attorney or the Research Wizard service at the Tulsa City County Library (918) 596-7991.
  • For information on filing at the federal level see the Trademark Information Network.
  • For state registrations, contact the Business Filing Department at the Oklahoma Secretary of State (405) 521-3912.