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Patent and Trademark Resource Center at Oklahoma State University: Home

Welcome to the Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC)

The Patent and Trademark Resource Center at Oklahoma State University is a partner with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The OSU PTRC provides assistance at no charge by appointment with preliminary patent and trademark research and assists researchers in locating resources at the USTPO. See PTRC Resources.

We also provide instruction and develop course-specific online resource guides.

Contact a patent/trademark attorney for a complete search, legal advice, and submission of a patent or trademark application.

Complete the IP Assessment Tool at the USPTO.

The full-text of patents by number are available via Pat2PDF.

Patent and Trademark Resource Centers are located nationwide.

USPTO COVID-19 Response Resource Center

National Council for Expanding American Innovation

USPTO Events Calendar

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OSU faculty and students pursing potential intellectual property, contact the OSU Technology Development Center.

Legal Assistance and Resources

PTRC at Oklahoma State University

USPTO databases are online and we are able to assist you by phone and email. For search assistance or to schedule an appointment please contact at 405 744-6546.

We are not able to perform a preliminary search for you or give legal advice.


  • What you should know before filing
  • Is a trademark application right for you?