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Literature, Creative Writing, & Literary Criticism: Reference Books/E-Books

This guide will help you find British, American, and English-language literary texts, creative writing resources, and literary criticism on authors or literary works in books, reference book entries, and journal articles available from the OSU Library.

Criticism in Reference Books and E-Books

Reference Books such as encyclopedias, guides, handbooks, and dictionaries can provide background information when researching authors and literary works.  Some have very brief entries, but others have more substantive discussions.  Some are available as e-book databases with full-text articles online.

Reference E-Book Databases for Literary Criticism

Below are several reference e-book series from Gale Cengage Learning to help students, faculty, and beginning as well as advanced researchers find scholarly commentary on British, American, and world authors, literary works, and overviews of literary periods and topics. You will need to log in with your OSU email address and O-Key password to access these database off-campus.  Click HERE to access the off-campus log in.

Other Reference E-Books for Literature

Below are some other reference e-book databases useful for literary criticism.

You will need to log in with your OSU email address and O-Key password to access these databases off-campus.  Click HERE to log in.

Print Reference Books

Many reference books for literary criticism in the 800s.  Others are shelved at the same call numbers on the 4th floor.

To search for reference books on literary topics or authors in the library, use the author's name of title of the literary work, and the keywords Encyclopedia, Guide, or Handbook.

A good source you can consult for help finding other reference works on British or American literature is James L. Harner's Literary Research Guide (you can search to find the books the Harner guide lists in the OSU Library):

Reference Books on Literature & Creative Writing

Below are some key reference books at the OSU Library for locating literary works (poems, short stories, etc.) in collections, etc., and general information on publishers and the market for creative writers.  The books will be on the 3rd or 4th floor.