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Open Journal Systems (OJS): Tutorials

Information for editors

How do I make edits to an article once I have published it?

How do I make edits to an article once I have published it?

  1. Log into OJS with your editor credentials.
  2. On the left-hand menu select "Issues" >> "Back Issues"

  3. Select the issue containing the article and click "Edit."

  4. Select the article and click "Submission."

  5. Click the "Publication" tab and select "Galleys" on the left-hand side.

  6. Click "Unpublish."
  7. Select the file by clicking the left-hand arrow and choosing "Change File."

  8. Select the file you wish to change and click "Upload File."
  9. Navigate to your preferred file and upload it it.
  10. Confirm the following prompts to finalize your selection.
  11. Choose "Schedule For Publication."
  12. Confirm your choice.
  13. You can confirm the changes by clicking "View."

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How do I use the quick-submit plugin?

How do I use the quick-submit plugin?

The QuickSubmit Plugin allows editors to publish an article directly without using OJS's features for managing the peer-review process.

  1. On the left-hand side click "Tools" >> "Import/Export."

  2. Select "QuickSubmit Plugin."
  3. Complete the form to enter the article's metadata.
    • OJS comes with several metadata fields that are not turned on by default. If the form is missing a field for a type of metadata you need, please reach out to us:
  4. Click "Add Contributor" and complete the form to add an author to the article.
  5. Click "Add galley."
  6. Enter the file type (e.g., PDF) in "Galley Label."

  7. Click "Save."
  8. Select "Article Text" in the "Article Component" drop down.
  9. Click "Upload File."
  10. Click "Continue" and follow the prompts to confirm your selection.

  11. Once you have entered all the article metadata and uploaded the file(s), click "Save."
  12. If you want to publish the article immediately (or back date an article), click the "Published" radio button, select the appropriate issue, and enter the publish date.
  13. Upon a successful submission, OJS will ask you if you want to start the process for another article or finish. You can choose to continue if you wish to publish multiple articles.

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Why does OJS warn me about using an old version?

Why does OJS warn me about using an old version when I log in?

When logging in, it is not uncommon to get a warning message from the system similar to the one pictured below:



This warning is harmless. You can ignore it. The makers of OJS (the Public Knowledge Project - PKP) continuously update the software. They release minor updates to the software every month. At OSU, we upgrade OJS with every major release of the software (e.g. from version three to version four). OSU libraries monitors for major releases from PKP and will notify you before making the next upgrade.