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Digital Scholarship Center: Virtual Lab

Accessing the Virtual Lab

Go to

Next you will choose to either install  the VMware Horizon Client or use HTML Access. If you are using your personal computer and will likely need to use the software more than once, the Horizon Client is a good idea. Otherwise HTML Access will be fine.

For Horizon Client, when asked for a Connection Server name, provide

When prompted to login, use your OSU email address (including the for your username, and your OKEY password (same that you use for email, Canvas, etc.).

Click the green Login button. Next, select Virtual Lab and SAS.

Once the virtual desktop boots up, you can access all the different available software.


Saving your work in the Virtual Lab

To be able to download/upload and save your work, be sure to install the client application. The instructions below apply only to the client. Once logged in, you will be asked about sharing storage.
You can share other folders under the Options menu.