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Patent and Trademark Resource Center at Oklahoma State University: Searching Patents

Steps to Starting a Patent Search Using CPC

A preliminary patent search is a two-step process. Identify relevant patents using keywords in Google Patents, identify classifications and then search classifications using USPTO databases.

After identifying relevant patents in Google Patents, contact us for assistance with searching the relevant classifications at USPTO for a more complete search.

Also check Google, Amazon, trade journals, etc. to see if similar products already exist.

 Steps to Starting a Preliminary U.S. Patent Search

•1. Start with a keyword search in Google Patents,
•2. Locate several patent(s) that are relevant to your research
•3. Download the PDF in the blue box
     Review the abstract, images, and claims
     See Patent citations – other patents cited by this patent and Cited by – patents that have cited this patent
     Click on the USPTO link to view the patent at USPTO and identify the current CPC classes

•5. Note the CPC classifications/technology areas
     Review the definitions
•6.Search the CPC at USPTO for additional patents related to your research
     Start with Patent Public Search
     Enter the class without spaces followed by .cpc. in the search box
     Review the results

Cooperative Patent Classification System

Patent classification is a system for organizing all U.S. patent documents and other technical documents into specific technology groupings based on common subject matter. Search using CPC classifications for a more complete patent search.

Additional Patent Databases